You are one step closer to achieve excellence in your company’s customer service  

We are the only professional services consultancy 100% specialized in workforce management and we have a mission: to seek maximum efficiency in your contact center to make life easier for those who contact your company's customer service. The satisfaction of your customers is our greatest reward.



Now that you’ve found us, your challenges are ours  

Optimize budget and increase productivity

Achieving operational and financial efficiency is a major challenge. Our team will forecast the activity of your contact center and calculate the necessary resources, ensuring that the budgeted costs are met. With proper planning, the daily monitoring will allow us to meet the objectives.


Maximize your customer’s satisfaction by improving service

A satisfied customer is an asset of great value for your company. Therefore, increasing the quality of service is a priority in any strategy. Knowing and monitoring the activity of your contact center will allow us to achieve the established KPIs and improve the levels of attention.


Happy stories from those who, like you, sought efficiency  

Now is a good time for you to know the testimony of companies that trusted ADI Consulting to achieve the best version of their contact centers. Do you want to be one of them?


From losing one of every two calls to having the Contact Center of reference in the sector

Know more From losing one of every two calls to having the Contact Center of reference in the sector

Achieving maximum precision from scratch: the success of taking over

Know more Achieving maximum precision from scratch: the success of taking over
caso éxito ADI

Design and Implement a comprehensive customer service in 90 days

Know more Design and Implement a comprehensive customer service in 90 days

To make it work, we show you our essence in figures  

The numbers don't lie and they are the best cover letter. A summary of the path travelled and the experiences lived.



> 1 M

euros per year


> 95%

on all clients


> 1,5 M



> 1.250



> 20


> 50 M

euros per year

This is how we got here  

When commitment, professionalism and passion are together, success is guaranteed. ADI Consulting was born in 2016 as a result of opportunity.

After 8 years leading the Efficiency and Excellence of ONO-Vodafone Customer Service Centers, a team of professionals joined forces to undertake a new project. Together they created ADI Consulting to optimize the contact center of any company and provide differential value to the sector, being the only consultancy 100% specialized in Workforce Management.


Find out more about us


Our personality

Reaching your goal is getting closer and closer: this is all we can do for you  

There is nothing left to reach the end of this conversation and the beginning of our story. The strategy you are looking for is in front of you. Increasing productivity, optimizing investment or improving the experience of your customers. You decide: to set a specific goal or to bet on a comprehensive project that guarantees continuous improvement.


Planning: laying the foundation is the first step

Let’s start! Our first mission is to forecast the activity of your contact centers. Thus, we will be able to calculate the necessary resources to achieve a satisfactory result in the short, medium and long term.


Monitoring: tracking and controlling in real time

Always available. We are by your side, even when you rest, to monitor the activity of your services. It is the best way to achieve your goals and obtain maximum efficiency.


Measuring: analyzing the data has a direct impact on the results

Measuring allows us to work objectively transferring inbound traffic, broadcast activity and back-office to numbers to validate or review what was planned.


Billing: calculate and monitor supplier costs

Planning, monitoring and measuring have brought us here. In the billing process we take care of the monitoring, control and review of costs.


Meet our team  

We have a great team of professionals who are essential to achieve success. We are a group of people united by honesty, commitment, self-demand and perseverance.


Maria del Carmen Gonzalez de Lena Lamas

Carmen González de Lena

Operations Consultant

Cinema, reading, walking and cycling, the sea ... enjoying the little things.

Mireia Marraco Alvarez

Mireia Marraco

Monitoring Manager

Learning every day is the philosophy of life of this lover of mountains and music.

Maria Teresa Tallon Morollon

Mayte Tallón

Reporting Specialist

She sums up her passion and hobbies in one word: family. And that's how she calls the ADI team.

Xavier Vidal Naval

Xavier Vidal


A lover of the small pleasures that life offers us to get the best out of every moment.

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David Ametller


Strategy games, nature and trips to unexplored destinations, his great passions

Anna Martínez

Monitoring Specialist

She recharges her energy wrapped in her favourite music: her best company on long walks.

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Moisés Sergio


In his continuous search for personal and professional growth, reading is his great companion.

David Caeiro


Such is his passion for music that he combines his work at ADI Consulting with his career as a professional musician.

Silvia Fernandez Infante

Silvia Fernández

Operations Consultant

She feeds her imagination through the pages of books.

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Puedes ser tu

Do you want to be part of our team?

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Adrián Coma

Monitoring Specialist

Passionate about sports and video games, he enjoys everyday life with his teammates.

Marta Ramos Garcia

Marta Ramos

Planning Consultant

Scientific soul. In love with genetics, cell biology, microbiology and anthropology.

Juan Manuel Vaquero Zorrilla

Juan Manuel Vaquero

Managing Director

Passionate about teamwork, his biggest hobbies include music and technology.

Alfonso Javier Cristancho


Passion for his family and for outdoor sports

David Hidalgo Gomez

David Hidalgo

Monitoring Specialist

A good crossfit workout, a stimulating reading and a fun afternoon with friends are his perfect plans.

Cristina Pérez


A getaway to nature to disconnect, and the practice of Taekwondo (green belt and going up) with her daughters, are her yin and yang

Nuria Ramos Salisa

Nuria Ramos

Operational manager

Music and reading are the inspiration of a woman who is committed and enthusiastic in all facets of her life.

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Itziar Montesinos Matute

Itziar Montesinos

Process Manager

Hiking and finding the time to enjoy a good book are her requirements to organize a perfect day.

Miguel Moreno

Operations consultant

His passion for rugby and motorcycling is added to his 20 years of experience in the client management sector.

Maria Isabel Moreno Palomo

Isabel Moreno

Billing and Control Consultant

A professional who enjoys. She loves to breathe in green and blue between nature and the sea.

Ana Rosa Escribano Olmo

Ana Escribano

Monitoring Specialist

Sitting with his friends around a modern board game is one of her biggest hobbies.

Isabel Ferrer

Process Consultant

If one day you cannot find her, it is likely that she is disconnecting at her favorite place: the wonderful island of Formentera.

Bernardo Jose Ojeda Araujo

Bernardo Ojeda

Monitoring Specialist

He loves to use up energy in every game. Whether it's paddle tennis, football or his favourite video game.

Marisol Martínez

Chief Operating Officer

Cinema and music are her two biggest hobbies, but they do not rival her love for dogs.

Maria Concepcion Mendez Lopez

Concha Méndez


A cinephile in her free time; she tackles each mission with energy enjoying the unique character of each job challenge.

Teresa Molina Holgado

Teresa Molina

Director of Reporting and Analysis

Orchids are the weakness of a woman who seeks new challenges every day.


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