Achieving maximum precision from scratch: the success of taking over

The absence of historical data was not an impediment to define and implement 13 models for forecasting resources and activity that allow the company to be at the controls of its operations.

In 2017, one of the main insurance companies in Spain reached a crucial point in its Strategic Plan for Improvement in Customer Service: the activity and resource planning of its contact centers. Until that moment, five suppliers worked simultaneously and handled the information independently.

The client decides to end the situation and take charge. To do this, look for a partner with guarantees: ADI is your choice.

What was the challenge we faced?

Without a history of consolidated information, ADI faced a major challenge: defining, developing and implementing a comprehensive Activity and Resource Planning model.

The challenge involved a triple task that we had to complete in just six months:

  • Manage to develop a model from scratch.
  • Form internal teams.
  • Define an interaction system between the company and BPO’s.

What goals were set?

  • Collect the historical data of the last three years and normalize the criteria.
  • Consolidate internal teams to calculate forecasts before shipment to suppliers.
  • Optimize planning control so telemarketing suppliers have the necessary resources.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by complying with established SLAs.
  • Improve efficiency and operational excellence.

How the ADI team took part?

The ADI team started collecting the necessary information to formalize the data and to be able to foresee an automated treatment. After this phase, the next objective was to define and develop the comprehensive planning model. How? Establishing a methodology to systematize and automate the processes of calculation and control of activity and resources.

Finally, it was time to implement the new planning model in the Customer Management team accompanying them at all times until full integration.

The well-done job left its mark and today the model is still fully valid.

What results were achieved?

  • 13 predictive, flexible and scalable models to calculate forecasts for all services. Resource and activity forecasting models that are still in full force today.
  • Calculation models to ensure compliance with SLA’s.
  • Development and automation of the call operational report, forecast control and heat maps.
  • Documentation, in-company training and integration in internal teams.
  • Phases of the work plan successfully completed within 6 months.