Design and Implement a comprehensive customer service in 90 days.

A renewable energy company. The launch of its marketer and an exciting project: setting up a contact center from scratch in parallel with its own expansion.

Year 2020. The first 100% renewable energy company on the Iberian Peninsula urgently needs a travel companion. A company with experience in extreme situations and in the launch of services that has the ability to create an efficient contact center in record time. The creation of the marketer and customer service takes place in parallel, meeting expectations.

What was the challenge we faced?

Participating in the birth of a company, within an already consolidated group, was a great challenge with two added difficulties:

  • There was no customer service area.
  • The maximum period for start-up was 90 days.

But if anyone could bring the project to fruition, it was the ADI team. Therefore, aware of the difficulties from the first moment, a work plan in three phases was proposed to lay the foundations of a fully scalable model.

What goals were set?

  • Have, in 30 days, basic care to cover the “Friends & Family” pilot.
  • Implement the contact center in 90 days.
  • Consolidate operations and support the internal team in the development of the contact center.
  • Assemble a system capable of assuming an exponential growth curve.
  • Provide the company with a scalable model from scratch.

How the ADI team took part?

The ADI team adjusted plans to the scheduled times. It established the needs and launched an express award for the launch of the “Friends & Family” pilot.

The team developed and implemented the customer service in one month and ensured its strength in the face of the commercial launch nationwide. Having passed these two milestones, ADI faced the consolidation and growth phases, accompanying the company in its expansion plan and guaranteeing compliance with the established SLA's.

What results were achieved?

  • Pilot and start-up of customer service.
  • Accompaniment and support after initial project.
  • Creation of a customer service area equipped with the necessary tools to assume a constantly growing volume of work.